Kubi in Education

kubi in the Classroom

The unique advantage of Kubi is that it lets the student easily look around remotely with 300 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt to see and interact with teachers, other students, school nurses, coaches and family members, through remote robotic control during a video call.

This provides remote students and teachers with a highly engaging virtual presence in the classroom.

kubi engages students

kubi for distance learning

Kubi for distance learning excels in hybrid learning settings. Kubi's engaging pan and tilt capability enables users to interact not only with the instructor, but also with other students.

Education Data Sheet

Kubi is the affordable, engaging telepresence solution for any classroom setting.
View Kubi Education Data Sheet (PDF)

Kubi Spec Sheet

Kubi is light-weight and portable, making it easy to move in the classroom or between classrooms. Download Kubi Specifications Sheet (PDF)

Kubi Case Study

The University of Arizona achieved student-centered learning with Kubi and Zoom Teleconferencing. Download (PDF)

Kubi Features

Kubi is designed to be the affordable, engaging, wireless, and portable telepresence solution for distance learning. Kubi is effective in both small and large instructional environments from primary through post-graduate level coursework.

Affordable Telepresence

An affordable Kubi Classic robot, plus a 9.7 inch Android or Apple iPad tablet cost around $1,000. Why pay 10 times as much for a less versatile, more complicated solution?

Wireless Connectivity

Kubi's Bluetooth 4.0+ connectivity combined with the tablet's Wifi internet connectivity, provide a true wire-free telepresence solution that can be used anywhere that stable Wifi is available.

Engaging Movement

Kubi's pan and tilt movements enable students to change not only what they see, but also to engage and be seen as an active and connected participant.

Versatile Portability

Kubi is light weight and easy to move around the classroom or from room to room. Kubi can also be stand mounted, either with wheels or without, for even easier portability.





Middle/Junior High


High School


Post Secondary

Kubi Models

Kubi comes in Classic and Plus models to hold different sized tablets. Kubi Secure has features to lock the tablet in place and an anti-theft lock. Use these links to find the Kubi that is right for you!

Kubi is manufactured in California, USA by Xandex Inc. a diversified technology company.

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