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The Kubi Control app for Apple and Android mobile devices is required to:

  1. The Kubi Control app is installed on the tablet that will be on the Kubi to connect the Kubi to the tablet via Bluetooth 4.0+

Open setup instructions as a Data Sheet in PDF Format


Download Kubi Control for iPhone and iPad at the Apple App Store


  1. Attach the base to KUBI using the D-ring tripod Screw*
  2. Press the button on KUBI to power it on
  3. Make sure the tablet Wi-Fi or 4G is connected and Bluetooth is enabled
  4. Launch the KUBI Control App (can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play)
  5. The KUBI App will automatically connect to KUBI when launched. The Kubi status light will turn solid blue when connected
  6. You will be prompted to email or copy the link to send in a separate email to a remote participant**
  7. Mount the tablet on the Kubi*
  8. Connect your video call as usual


  1. Use either a laptop/desktop with 2 windows, one for the meeting and another for Kubi Control, or a tablet for the meeting and phone for Kubi Control
  2. Open the link you received in the invitation email ( URL) in a browser window or on a smart phone if using a tablet. Open the video meeting in a second window or on a tablet.
  3. Control Kubi by clicking/tapping on the Kubi Control grid to move kubi

* For Kubi Secure, install the arms and base to Kubi as instructed and then install the tablet into the corner brackets

** Email invite may not work in some operating system versions. If that is the case, copy the link and send it to the participant in an emai.

Image Description
Connect to Kubi through Kubi Control
Image Description
Move Kubi with the Control Grid

Kubi is manufactured in California, USA by Xandex Inc. a diversified technology company.

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