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Kubi Secure Retrofit Kit

The Kubi Secure Retrofit Kit includes everything you need to convert your Kubi Classic into a Kubi Secure, with added anti-theft features. This kit converts a Classic model into a Kubi Secure that will hold a 9.7 inch iPad tablet.*

Kit includes two kubi secure arms that retain the tablet at all four corners using anti-theft screws. A special wrench is included to install the anti-theft screw hardware (also included).

A new kubi secure base plate with anti-theft hardware to secure the Kubi, that is slotted to accept a Kensington style combination lock.

Compatible with: Kubi Classic for 9.7 inch iPad tablets.

Wondering if your tablet is compatible or what tablet to buy? Check out a KUBI/Tablet Compatibility Table

*Kubi Secure is no longer available for 12.9 inch iPad tablets. This kit will also convert a Kubi Plus into a Kubi Secure, however, it will only hold a 9.7 inch iPad tablet after conversion.



COMPATIBILITY: Kubi Classic and Kubi Plus

2 Kubi Secure arms

Anti-theft installation hardware

Wrench for installation hardware

New base plate with slot for Kensington style combination Lock

Kensington style combination lock

NOTE: Installation of the Kubi SEcure Retrofit Kit requires some disassembly of the kubi unit to install the Kubi Secure arms. All tools, hardware and instructions are included.

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Kubi is manufactured in California, USA by Xandex Inc. a diversified technology company.

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